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Service to others ...serves more than we know

Stopping by a little kiosk in the little Lonsdale Quay Market in Vancouver delivered me a journey of a thousand thoughts... and prayer flags...

Didi, of Didi’s Universal Treasures, owns a little space in the Quay Market and I stopped to ponder over some of her beautiful and “brilliantly coloured” wares, when all of a sudden she stopped what she was doing and brought out a photo album and told me some stories about her journey’s to Tibet to assist others in their day to day lives. I had NO idea that my life, for the ensuing 30 minutes, would be transformed and bring me back to a perspective, reverence and resonance with what I know to be true in my life as well. Service to others was the name of Didi’s game and I had no idea that by just a casual hello, I would be introduced to her life story.

Growing up in an orphanage in Nepal and then living in India after the occupation of Tibet, she recounted many stories to me of how the once proud countries of Tibet and Mongolia were a place of tranquil beauty, abundant love and spaces of connection for travellers far and near. Family was so important and faith even more so. To lose the independence that once graced these lands, now only desolation, heart ache and unsanitary conditions are prevalent. She now travels back to visit her Rinpoche brother and help in bringing about a small amount of stability and love to people’s homes each year.

From cleaning up a garbage laden dwelling, to finding beds and new clothing for people in the upcoming winter months. She recounted a story of her acquiring some beds and then not finding a truck to transport them across town to the intended recipients. Her brother headed through town and returned asking her if she could buy him a case of beer. She pondered this for a moment and asked him if he was thirsty. He replied no, that he had found someone that would carry them as hitchhikers and he would offer the driver some beer as payment for the deliver of the beds. And they would also have some extra for themselves to celebrate the successful delivery when they were finished with their day. Beer, Didi mentioned, was also good for drinking to sustain one’s health in places over there as well. Since water was not as clean, beer had been pasteurized and was very clean to drink.

These among other stories were as colourful as her hand-made purses and woven woolen hats that she brought over to make extra money that she both lives on as well as takes back with her to help those that are in need of a little extra here and there in these countries. You just never know who you will chat with or discover a new life-story when you take the time to connect with people through your travels.

Thank you Didi for taking the time to share with me. Many blessings for you and all those she connects with every day of her life. Through serving... she has truly found a place among the Earth Angels of our lives.

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