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So, what are you going to do about it?

“Circumstances are as they are.” But do we live in our circumstances and let them determine how we are going to feel? Or do we have a choice?

In living our lives “in the flow” we sometimes get caught up in a flow that causes some knocks and bruises that we may not really desire. Usually that is when we are fighting to go against a current that is trying to take us in the direction that we may ... or should... be going in. I have discovered recently, through my own living, and through that of some friends in my life... that when we say that, “when I get to that better place, I can then devote more time to myself and to my friends and to the life that I really want.” When does that time come? And, if that time never comes, do we get caught in a cycle of constantly saying... “when that day comes... when that day comes...”

I know for my own life, that course corrections are always the best way to continue in the flow. Sometimes we get caught in little eddies or whirlpools that swirl us around and get us bumped and scratched and even pull into an undertow that we were not expecting at all. But through our course correcting... we always have choice.

Choice allows us to redirect ourselves and say, “hey... I’m not happy right now, I desire to be happy, and therefore why not do something to make me happy?” I can do something about it at all times. I can call a friend that I KNOW is a great pick-me-up personality. I can watch a funny movie. I can go out for a walk in nature and soak in the abundance that is ALWAYS around us. I can take a different course at school. Or I can choose to take some time alone and have some ever valued: “me time”.

If we say we don’t have time, or the situation doesn’t allow me to do these things... what television news program were you watching? The choice is ours, it was never anyone else’s to make for us. We connect with our higher selves and our heart and feel what... and how... we want to feel and then act on it.

It’s sort of like dialling into or Angel Hotline every moment and asking them for the next move to make. The options and possibilities will quite “literally” be presented for you. Then you get to make the choice... “do I do this, or do I do that, or do I stay here and live in the misery and sadness that I ‘think’ is my lot in life?” We don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen, waiting for the clouds to clear, waiting for the right time... the time is now, the rain is waiting for you to step out into and get wet, the opportunities will come your way, when YOU make the first step to get INTO the space you want to be in. Time is irrelevant and space is irrelevant... you will be back in the flow again and back in the currents that the Universe has for you to have fun with.

So... “what are you going to do about it?” I love my friend (Earth Angel) for asking me that the other day. It is perfect.

Now... I’m going to get dressed, have my morning shake and step out into the great big world and see what comes about for me to experience today... effortlessly and full of joy and gratitude.

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