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Stepping in a puddle

...or at least that’s what it felt like at first. I took time this Valentine’s Day to explore me. To love me, to bring a new infusion of light to me and see what it was “in” me that I love. My thought around this was trying to find the link to: when we love ourselves, only then can we truly love others. This has not been hard throughout my life as I am a deeply loving and caring human being... but as I went through some amazing Hatha and Yin Yoga classes here in Vancouver, oh,and a Spinning Class (riding stationary bicycles... which is pretty awesome in itself), I was finding some interesting blockages being noticed and released in my body, mind and spirit that I didn’t originally see or feel. As I pushed my way to feeling the burn on the bikes, to the inverted wall postures of Hatha, and the Frog Pose in Yin... things were a moving and a shakin’ up my world for sure!

When we connect with our physical bodies, we can see so many things. One of my friends noted how, for him, Yoga is like “stretchy Reiki” and how it gets to the heart of the matter quickly and swiftly. I have been practicing Reiki for 2 years now and teaching it for about 1 year, and each time I practice or teach and attune someone new it opens up new doors of enlightenment and discovery. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes there is laughter, but always there is a reconnection of spirit to the physical, mental and emotional.

So as I journeyed through this process yesterday, on such an auspicious day, I was feeling like a little kid again... somewhat lost, somewhat confused, and like I had stepped in a puddle without my gumboots on. I was going to get in trouble for not wearing my protective footwear and now I would catch cold, or something like that. But as I awoke this morning to some really amazing e-mails from friends and the sun shining in my window (yes, it was supposed to be a rainy day here in Vancouver), I realized that I didn’t need to just STEP into the puddle and worry about not wearing the right boot or the wrong shoe... I needed to JUMP! Maybe even take off my shoes and go bare foot... wow... that would be an amazing sensation indeed!

We don’t need to hide from our sadness or our fears or our “misconceptions” about life. We are taught at a young age to guard ourselves and BE fearful of puddles of water and what lurks beneath the surface. Why? This day of discovering “me love” was indeed taking me to places I had hidden away, or even never thought to go in the first place. I now give a great sigh of gratitude for the instructors that pushed my boundaries... or shall I say... allowed ME to push my boundaries and expand. Namaste to all those that contribute to me by allowing me to contribute to myself. To those that share with each of us that our spark is not lost, but actually grows brighter even in the heaviest and darkest of storms. And when the storm is over what is left... puddles. Lots and lots of puddles to jump in and laugh at and get wet in. It’s only water, and then we go to our homes and hang up our damp clothes and set the drenched shoes by the front door or fireplace or heater to dry out for the next day.

...put your funnest shoes on or take off what ever you are wearing and go bare. Jump... don’t step into that new opportunity. Even if it at first looks fear-filled and swimming with alligators and sharks. That might only be the reflection of others around you saying, “Don’t do it... you’re going to get wet!” ...get wet!

Love and Lokah Samastah!

(Thanks Will and Farren, Brian and Jo, Jennifer and Chris! You guys rock my world!)

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