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Stepping into... – Day 22

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

“Step INTO each class you are teaching. No sense in only going half way... you are all teachers now... share your knowledge... TEACH!” - Shakti Mhi

Day 22 is about to happen... graduation day. Wow... I can NOT believe how far I have come... how far all of my class has come in such an amazingly short time. Tomorrow I step out of the training and step “into” the teacher. Well, on a existential level... we actually NEVER step out of the training OR the teaching. We are constantly in both roles ... and I love it.

I have learned so much from Shakti and from my experiences here at Prana Yoga College and I am so blessed to be on this journey I’m on. We watched a movie today in class, “The Way of The Peaceful Warrior”. What an amazing movie about a journey of “ambition to meaning”.

Today we learned many things about the “business of being a yogi”... interesting stuff for sure... and things that I do a lot of already in my own businesses. Never the less, it was/is very valuable.

I also learned today that I have a weird way of counting... one that Shakti could not understand and would like to study more. Apparently when I do alternate nostril guided breathing, I count differently from one side to the other... and was very consistent with it. It wasn’t nerves at all... just a very weird way of connecting with the rhythm I guess.

At first when she looked over at me at the end of class with her “Shakti glare stare” I wasn’t really sure what was going to come next and thought I really screwed something up in my teaching. But no... I was just a bit of a freak in my delivery. A “study-able” freak at that. the end... it’s all about enjoying the thing you are doing. Yoga for me has so many levels and I love them all, but the thing that tops them all is the way it makes me feel about my body, mind and spirit... feeling amazing!

...stepping out never felt so good.

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