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Thank YOU for sharing

Keeping it real… what really is “real” anyway? The gurus, saints, philosophers and that guy on East 23rd street all keep saying “THIS is not real!” So what is it then? Where do we find that connection to what we know to be real and what is… possible? Throughout my life I have been believing that I’m living in the, so-called, real world, but over the past 5 years and a journey of self-discover I have tripped over some amazing tid-bits, gems or nuggets one might say, of realizing that the world around us is indeed real… AND unreal. Yes, okay, so you’re probably thinking that this person is taking the plunge into some deep philosophical waters and I haven’t brought my oxygen tanks for that sort of plunge. Well, no… bare with me… I do like to go all “deep” now and again, but today I want to try and keep it simple. …simply real.

We do travel through this world in a physical state. Bumping into other human beings (it’s inevitable when there are 6,852,472,823 plus humans now occupying this little blue planet), solid surfaces like our beds, desks, chairs, doors walls, yoga mats, our clothes… it all feels pretty real and solid. There is no denying that what we are bumping into has to be real or otherwise we’d pass right through it. Right?! Well, yes, that is true, but what if we were to think of these “bumpings” in another way. Have you ever had a moment where you were thinking of someone and a few moments later they call you or there is some form of contact between you both? Have you ever felt as if time was slowing down or speeding up, as if the days seemed to drag on laboriously forever or how holidays seem to rush passed us like a high-speed train? OR… how about when you’ve had an incredible massage, meditation, or even the most mind-blowing sex and NOTHING in the world can knock you off your pedestal of absolute bliss?

These are moments of reality as well, but they seem to defy the physics of science and laws of nature. We’ve communicated telepathically, we’ve bent time and we’ve also solved the dilemma of bringing about world peace and filled every nook and cranny of our existence with joy and bliss. These are things that we don’t seem to take into account in the “real world”. So why is it that when we come out of a seminar or a conference feeling so amazing and then leaning over to your friend or colleague and saying, “Damn, now it’s back to the real world and I’m not looking forward to getting back into that groove too quickly.” Why are we so quick to sum up the world that we live in everyday as something tragic or remorseful or negatively charged?

One frame of thought is that we are trained since birth that “the world is a harsh place and you have to fight to survive, every scrap of food, every square foot of space to call your own, every trademarked ‘only sold on television’ soon to never be ON SALE again item is your birthright… so get on that train and ride it till you die baby!” Okay, so that might be a little harsh, but when you get down to the way we were mostly all raised, we live in a capitalistic society where we stake our claims on whatever we get our hands on in life and hold on for dear life. Be that our cars, our homes, our education (papers, letters, doctorates and PhDs), our pets, our “things”, our relationships and even our children… we all inherently try to maintain a sense of reality, and our self-worth, through these things that we hold onto so tightly. When in many parts of the world, and many other belief systems, we are not the physicality that we portray… we are so much more than that of the solid and physical world that surrounds and fills our lives.

What if we decided to go against the grain and just say, “thank you for sharing”? Thank you for sharing the misguided outlooks that we measure our lives by what we “have” and not by what we “are”. Thank you for sharing the experiences, good or bad or everything in between as it allows us to grow and expand our own sense of who we are and this consciousness that exists right now in this body, in this time, in this space. Thank you for noticing that I came into this world on July 27, 1973 as a bright and shiny new soul and the only things that have really changed are that I now have way more knowledge and understanding of the world surrounding me, and I can actually go to the bathroom on my own completely on my own… well at least for the next 40 years at least. Hence arises the next… thank you for sharing this time with me and allowing me to express my feelings, hopes, desires and inner ramblings of what the “real world” means to me. A space of so many altering circumstances, a space of even more “what if’s”, a space of seeing that everything is possible and so why not dive into a reality that sometimes makes no sense and sometimes it is the most blissful thing that any sentient being could ever experience.

Practice meditation, practice traveling somewhere different that you’ve never been before at least once a year, practice having wild-crazy-passionate sex at least once in your life (or as many times as you want, don’t limit yourself)… but whatever you do… practice keeping it real. Keeping it “your reality” and not someone else’s reality for what they say is the truth. … and just keep practicing till you take your last breath of air, cause this is what we’re here for… making it our practice to be real.

Tim Cyr came into this world July 27, 1973 as a bright and shiny new soul and he continues to shine and sparkle every living day of his amazing existence on this earth. … looking forward to bumping into you sometime around the next bend in life.

Thank you for sharing.

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