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The home stretch – Day 21

Well, it’s almost over for the first 200 hour training certificate course and I have to say... spending the past 20 days with a group of amazing yoga teachers has been OUTSTANDING! I am feeling a bit of melancholy however as we left our class today. We have one more day of full class and then our 2 hour graduation class the next day. Then...

...we teach. Well, we are always teaching. But now we have papers and a greater knowledge of the practice of yoga (Prana style). I AM very thrilled that going out into the world now, I have the ability and the knowing that I can and will teach and love every moment of it. ... well, there might be some interesting moments, but when you do what you love... there ain’t nothing that can get you down or stand in your way. And teaching - sharing knowledge and engaging and empowering people - I LOVE.

Here’s to the last weekend of study for the home stretch...

...engage your abdominal muscles... and breathe.

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