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This is what it comes to

I stand on the precipice and look down at what my practice of what yoga and meditation has come to for me in my life. My feet, my dowel and block, the floor. I have become more keenly aware that gravity and my mind have become the resistance in which I train my body to function more efficiently affectionately in these changing times that I live in, that I am a part of ..that we are all a part of.

Where I used to revel in the ease of popping into a class with friends and strangers and people of my community. When it was effortless to look over at another student, whether I was the teacher or as student on the floor enjoying a class; now, to roll-over and see the bottom of my couch and the dust-bunnies and cobwebs and layers of days that I haven't cleaned to the dark crevice's of my apartment. To check in with my mind and my thoughts with every breath... and practice mindfulness in a community of one. This is what it comes to practice and my thoughts. To still know and remember that I am a part of a greater community and Universal system, and currently now physically distanced and in a state of constant self-learning and discovery.

Choosing a path of slower, more deliberate action/in-action and to observe a more singular/monastic way of living within the current status of the world is not an easy one. To let go of traditional bonds of communication and social interaction, is not something that I, a human, look to as progressive and co-creating. Yet this path is one of deepening self-discovery and overturning ways of acting that I felt were holding me in stasis, a drifting in and out of semi-consciousness, and becoming more and more unsure of my own movements and realizations in the physical world.

Taking time to notice things, the little and the big things, to be present in their being, with interaction and presence.

Taking time to be reflective, a shift from being reactive, I have been learning about the nuances and hidden gems, patterns of energy flows, different ways of seeing, within every day practices. I notice that when I communicate, it is meaningful communication and thoughtful. I notice my ingestion of media and external stimuli is the same now as how I notice what I eat and how I breathe and sleep and exercise my mind and my body. These different approaches in my life are not easy and they most assuredly go against the norms of society and modern "ways-of-the-world"... and yet, I am feeling this journey was one that was needed and intended for as an act of choice and free-will. I needed to make the choice and take the steps to embark on this path.

Knowing that the world around me and the community of family and friends still exist, in this lifetime and many other layers of existence. The journey of my soul is not limited to this one physical reality... and I am able to see more clearly how I, even in this physical experience I'm having, can reach out energetically to be with and among other energies.

Taking time to notice things, the little and the big things, to be present in their being, with interaction and presence. To be in observation of the balance of all things, even if they feel bad or painful, good or joyful.

Everything in balance.

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