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To know one’s body – Day 4 (part A)

Understanding a yoga pose is just the beginning... getting to know how your body responds to the elements that you put into your body... now that’s a whole new ball game - but in the same field.

I had the most wonderful dinner last night with friends to celebrate my birthday and it was more than I’ve been eating for a meal in the evening during my beginnings of yoga training. More and different, I’ve been attempting to change my diet and see how my body responds to food on various levels. So far, the lighter and healthier food products, the lighter and healthier you feel!

After a cocktail, some wine, a lovely large plate of food, cake and little Japanese Cream Collon snacks (my friends couldn’t resist the marketing on that one)... I came home and was SO tired. A day of training, head full of “stuff”, doing a bit of work when I got home, big dinner... I was spent. This morning... still spent. Tummy gurgling, not meanly or nastily, but my body telling me... “you gave me some pretty weird and wonderful stuff last night... I may not perform the same way right now for you.” I could barely open my eyes, when normally I’ve been easing out of slumber with a bit of a pep!

It’s all a grand experiment I think... we get to test, try, taste, and titillate our senses and see how our bodies respond. As Shakti (my teacher) says, “try not to ‘identify’ with certain things in life. Yes, enjoy the experiences, but remember, YOU are the observer, you are not the cake... enjoy! You can chose to stay there or move on and have a carrot.” Seeing and noticing how my body responds to food and drinks in such a way has brought new insight to my life and I am seeing that we all have the ability to observe how things make us feel and how our bodies react to the marvels of modern day society and roles we play as being human. Here’s to the ongoing experiment we call LIFE!


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