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Uncovering infinite potential

Where can you be by the ocean, immersed in a city of diversity and culture, filled with excitement and shoveling snow on a cool winters day... right here.

Today I found myself outside at my friends place in Vancouver and clearing big clumps of snow from their walkway along a bustling stretch of pedestrian street. When ever there was a passer-by, mom or dad taking their children to school, business people, elderly people, dog-walkers... and early morning coffee drinkers... I would pause and stand along the side of the path to let them by and wish them a cheery, "Good morning!" For most it was greeted with a fond smile and a wonderfully reciprocated, "Good Morning!" right back to me.

Isn't it great that we can share so much love and caring and have it mirrored back to us. Some would even stop and chat for a while. In a city that I've heard that it is hard to connect with other individuals... I am finding the simple act of reaching out to share some amazingly positive energy... can be shared and exponentially shared back to you. Even the grumpiest looking of individuals can find a spark of happy in them to reflect back to us.

Keep on shoveling, there is so much to uncover beneath it all.

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