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Waiting for our ship to come in

...we set sail every day, at every moment, and in those moments we offer up to ourselves a desire, a hope, of reaching a new destination unharmed and, hopefully, more knowledgeable than we are in this moment. I have been docked in Vancouver now for about a month and today was my first day of “actually” getting down to the beach to touch the ocean and feel it’s energy. The past month has been spent laying the groundwork for my life here in this new space. ... but today was a day of more questions than answers. “What am I doing here? What am I supposed to be doing here? How do I make a go of it? Am I doing enough?” a whole lot of ‘doing’ going on... what about the ‘being’?

In the hurry-up and get-settled state that I have bee in, I have forgotten to really breath the new air that surrounds me here, to dip my toe in the cool water of the Pacific, to sense the growth of the cedar trees that surround me and feel the energy and wisdom that encompasses this place called Vancouver. I have had visions of standing on the beach looking out to the sea beyond and pondering my place here, but what have I been looking for... pondering for? The thought (or concept) came to me: “Why are you waiting for your ship to come in? You have arrived. ... let’s have some fun now!” ... hmmm... fun... right... lets!

I know that this is a year of growth, of deepening, of further enlightenment on all levels for all of us, and yet, my ego was screaming inside of me to get busy and focus on your career and job and clients and ... wow... look at your bank account... you NEED to be making some money. Yup... thank you for sharing ego. I know all of these things and yes I could dwell on them for sure and sink further in to turmoil about not being really settled and secure in my life in this new place.

Laying the ground work, I have been making new connections, I have been putting what I do “out there”! And through it all, through the “waiting for my ship to come in”... I’ve forgotten to be happy, forgotten to smell the air, sense the energy here, forgotten that I “am” in the right place at the right time with the right people surrounding me. Even if some of my people are not physically with me, we are all still connected and sharing energy of love and light... I know that everything is moving towards what we are needing to know... in the flow.

Take a deep breath in, where ever you are, feel it fill your lungs as it passes your lips. Know that, just like the air we breath to keep us alive, also allows us to float when we can’t touch bottom. Our ships will come, our ships will go and we continue to float, always returning to the shore when we need to and then setting sail again when it’s time to move onward.

...okay, now breath out. Don’t want you to turn blue in between paragraph breaks. :)

Just keep breathing, that’s all you need to do. Be your breath (just as in Yoga, following your breath with each movement) and have some ‘fun’ with where you’re at and stay a while.

Love, love, love.

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