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We are a work of art

Letter to a friend...

Emotions are such an integral part of our human experience, without them we would all be walking around like Spocks, from Star Trek... and suppressing them. Although... if we look to Spock as a role model for us in the goals we set for ourselves on the emotional and spiritual levels.... It isn't that he suppresses his emotions, but he allows his mind to control the feelings in ways that we do not often see. We think that we are at the whim of our emotions, and we can be if we do not “sometimes” take command of them.

This is not to say STOP going with the flow of the Universe and STOP allowing things to go where they need to go. We as humans have the ability to channel the energies so that they do not overwhelm us. There is much I’ve learned in Shakti's courses, through Prana Yoga College, and one of them was that when we do begin to connect to the higher self on a whole new plain of consciousness, if we do not maintain control we can, and will, lose our mind. And it is almost like using a specific method (practice) of connection as well... if we solely rely on on method we sometimes get caught up in it's currents and may not see things as clearly defined around us (the other methods or happenings) any longer.

Learning to use these methods as tools (you can have lots of tools in your tool box) as a way of connecting with your own inner wisdom and power, that is the key. Not just seeing the method as the power or needing to depend on the method AS the power. Use your gut-instinct... learn to tap into your own powers of intuition. That is what Reiki AND Ho'omanaloa AND all of the other goodies that I have been shared with to tap into what powers and abilities Tim (me) has to create the connection with Tim. The same with you and everyone else... we can can get caught up in using these tools as our crutches sometimes and solely rely on them to tell us the answers. But it ultimately comes down to us... you and your beautiful third eye (Ajna) Chakra to open your vision wider and see that connection.

Just as I teach my methods I hope that I can instil the teaching that it is not about the Reiki or any other method that I teach in the way that I teach it, but how I teach each of my students to learn what they need to, make it a part of them and learn to adapt it to their lives. But not rely only on IT to change their lives. The energy is the same no matter how you use it, but sometimes the energy is miss-aligned and we need to feel how to correct it.

YOU are a perfect person and know that you can definitely "work" more with yourself... but the question I ask you... what do you need to work on, or not work on? God, The Universe, Source Energy, Devine Spirit... created you to be you and the painting that they created doesn't need to be touched up or repainted... it needs to be admired for the amazing and beautiful work that it is. When that is done... the crowds will flock to see this amazing masterpiece. But if we all continue to keep our paintings hidden away in the back rooms trying to touch them up, re-form them, re-shape them, we are not letting them be out for the world to see in the gallery called "life".

But please don't get me wrong... I am SO open to those that need to repair a scratch or two or maybe glue on a broken off appendage if it has been dislodged. But don't keep it in the back room for long. Glue it on and get it back out there baby! You need to be shown off.

I appreciate you too my lovely friend. I am in awe at the beautiful brush strokes that have created you. shine your light!

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