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What an amazing world!

Today I was sifting through some FaceBook notes and reading up and looking at photos of friends and events that bring back some great memories. Samia's photos from Sedona a couple of years ago and Andrea's birthday smiles. Last night Blair and our friend Jody were out for a birthday dinner and were chatting about Facebook and I realized that I really don't get on there too much to view the updates. So today I visited the site and had a chance to peek over a few memories and chuckles. I noticed how there were a few people here in our home town that are disappointed with the weather we are having this year... noting that it is so rainy and cool. They want it hot and made for wearing short kind of weather. But really, the weather has been pretty amazing. A very warm spring without a lot of rain and now into July where we have a wonderful mix of thunderous rainy nights or afternoons and glorious hot and sunny days, it really is an amazing world we live in where we have so much diversity. But then again I do love a rainy night... such a beautiful sight... I love to watch the lightening... hear the thunder as it crosses the sky... oh it makes me feel good. :)

But it is funny how we get caught up in seeing only what is around us and connecting it with the the last time it happened and combining the two. Then the judgement slips in that, "oh my goodness, this is happening all of the time now." Sort of like when the news is observed and they do a count about how many crimes have happened in the city since the new year began, or the number of car accidents, or the number of natural disasters... What's with all of the measuring? But yes, we are human after all and we have this insatiable desire to measure and quantify the events that happen around us and to us over a certain period of time. Learning early on in school, that to have an experiment we must take all of the data from previous results and add it together to produce a semi-predictable hypothesis of what will happen next. Science is great for quantifying data from the past, but not so great when you're one that lives in the moment and for the moment.

It's sort of like when a doctor looks at your family history and notes that in two or three generations the males in your family are prone to heart conditions or the females to breast cancer. Hmmm... "so, in your opinion, I'm a male and I'm in the gene pool with my father and grandfather and I'm going to have a heart condition too?" In Reiki and so many other modalities we learn that we are the creator, and healer, of ourselves and we have the ability to change the way we feel. Yes, we can follow along with societies doctrines about, "listen to your doctor", or "listen to the experts... they know what they are talking about."

...then as the man begins to cross the street, a speeding car comes from out of no where and the man is struck by the car, killing him and the female driver of the car instantly.

Where are the experts now? The man totally bypassed the probably heart condition he had, and the woman, so wrought with despair from her probability that she will have breast cancer and couldn't' handle it... decided to live on the edge and debunked experts all over the place. But she did please the news experts that noted that traffic fatalities increased in the month of July... real causes for the accidents — unknown.

Let the rain fall, let the sun shine... watch the lightening streaks across the sky and always do what your mother (another expert) says and "look both ways before you cross the street!" But do it all with an open willingness to remember to feel the moment and live that moment... not the past history or the future possibilities... you cannot feel, taste, see, touch, hear them... but you can FULLY experience the absolute moment you are in right now.

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