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What not to wear for yoga – Day 1

Day 1 of Teacher Training - Meeting Shakti Mhi from Prana Yoga College here in Vancouver has been such an incredible experience. Her presence, her style (both in teaching and sense of humor), her smile... she is abundantly aware of herself and the space that she guides her student in. I had to literally bust a gut today however after going over some of the does and don’t’s of yoga attire.

One may ponder when they should or not eat before a class, or have troubles with their left from their right, or possibly... does this mat match the colour of my eyes... yes... but now I have been made keenly aware that string bikini underwear may not be the most striking of clothing to have gracing your delicate undercarriage whilst flowing into a downward fold. I hadn’t really thought about it, but hey... maybe it might not be the most striking garment to think about, but underwear can have far-reaching effects on the teaching of these intricate bends.

It all came about when commenting that she (Shakti) did not want to have male students come back the next day complaining of strained and sore necks. It was made quite clear that a forward fold does not, or should not, engage the neck muscles in such an odd angle... but apparently the presence of string underwear... or lack there of proper coverage may instigate postures to encourage students to add in their own variations of the likes. Not that this would have much impact for someone of my “nature”, for those that know me, I’m much more of an eyes guy.... but it did make me ponder my outfit for future classes.

“Floss is for your teeth, not other parts of the body... keep it in the right place and we’ll all get along just fine... with no injuries or strained bodies.”

But truthfully... my first day was incredible. The people (other student’s... now teachers), Shakti, Sarka and the other team members of Prana Yoga College and the lovely space that we get to practice and participate in.... a-mazing and wonderful. I was infused with a new outlook on learning styles and methods of teaching as well as the spiritual and physical aspects of the practice of yoga in a modern and traditional lifestyle. Stay tuned for more insights... and musings of a healer.

Tap into your art, illuminate it with light, shape it with love and call it life. We are all teachers of our own brilliance.

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