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Who cares!!! ...I do.

Back in the saddle again... so the saying goes. Finding myself on could nine last night after an extremely enjoyable concert at Prana Yoga Studio, today I let myself toss about in “life-raft” for a bit as the day presented some very interesting challenges. Knowing, though, that when the flow of life presents itself... one must always ride the currents for a while and see where they are being taken. Building up the good feelings inside of us bolsters our spirits and builds our Prana (life force energy) in abundant ways.

Today, when a challenge presented itself, I want to remember... “I am not the challenge, I am the outcome. I could have gotten caught up in the challenge (a stray root beneath the surface of the river (flow of life) and it could hold me here in it’s grip. But I know better. I desire to keep flowing... seeing where I travel to next. Kicking off the root and letting go of it is number one priority if doesn’t want to be dragged down under the water and suffocate. I remembered that there are reasons for the things happening and that the outcome cannot be predicted nor anticipated wholeheartedly if we “attach” to it being only one way. Sometimes the outcome happens in mysterious and un-imagined ways. We just have to be open to the experience that is being presented to us.

This can be hard though, as the tribe (society, friends, family, lovers) then places measurements or limitations on if the outcome doesn’t work in, what you think, is your favour. I thought about calling friends or my family to lament over the situation and then though... WHAT THE F... Why would I want to bring them down too or, at the very least, have them worrying about things and sending negative feelings in that direction rather than positive.

As my mother so eloquently and lovingly puts it, “Dear, when life gets you down... remember to keep your pecker up.” Sound words from a loving heart... that always puts a smile on my face when I imagine her saying them to me. So there we have it... challenges, kicking them free... and knowing that in the end, it always works out for your highest and best good when you shower the situation with love and compassion... and a good stiff pecker is never something the sneeze at either.

... keep your pecker up.

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