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Within us to share – Day 23

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The last day of our amazing journey has set upon us. I am at a loss for words, yet today I was filled with so many feelings and emotions. Expressing the joy and excitement that I had in class and afterward at our graduation celebration... topping the day off with an amazing Yin Class with one of my original, and still favourite classes, mentor and friend, Chris Brandt. Completing 22 days of Level 1 - 200 hour training for Hatha Yoga at Prana Yoga College has launched my world into a whole new groove... AND a higher appreciation for myself and fellow teachers.

Tonight as I joined Chris for his Yin class, one of my first classes I took when first discovering yoga, it was themed as “the student moving into the position of teacher”... I am not sure if it was directed at me, but I felt as though it resonated with me deeply. He was even so kind as to put me on the spot (on the mat... so to speak) and mentioned to the entire class of my now becoming a teacher. ...and pimped my other services of Reiki and Reflexology out there too. :) What a guy. As the big group of students (he can really pack a room) all clapped for me... many put up their hands for me to do the foot rubs in class... oh boy what has Chris started now!!??!! The feeling of achievement and gratitude for my friends, teachers and the Universe grew in leaps and bounds. Knowing and feeling that the path that I am on is truly blessed with such abundant and loving energies... I am, at every moment, in awe and thankfulness to be alive and playing in this time and space.

I will continue to be a student throughout my life, and yet... I continue to advance myself and build on the things that I am expanding in myself each and every day. When Chris mentioned that I would be transitioning into teaching and losing me as a student... I at first felt at a loss, but then... realized it is never a loss... it is a transition. And now we as students to teachers to mentors... we complete the cycle of knowledge and it continues going around and around and around.

Thank you Chris and all those that have been with me and shared with me along the way of my education in this marvelous and spectacular yogic journey. The highest honour is the feeling when the teacher expresses their appreciation for their student... and as well... when the student takes what he has learned from his teacher and then excels at it and shares it with the world...shining that light that allows other’s to shine their just as brightly.

Here’s to all of the downward facing dogs, angry cats, children posing, warriors dancing, trees swaying in the breeze and butterflies spreading their wings; remembering not to do two back bends nor two wrist poses in a row and to always teach from the floor. My fellow teachers near and far... you have shared that which is within each of us to express to the world and I thank you from the top, bottom and all sides of my heart. Thank you Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza and the lovely staff at Prana Yoga College for making this next journey special and magical.

...with passion and grace.

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