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Yoga by the window – Day 2

What sweetly sings beyond the opened window, it is the sound of the ocean, and it’s name is seagull. Learning yoga in Vancouver, BC, has it’s thrills for this mountain/prairie boy... ocean, city, mountains... and yes... sounds of the ocean birds. Today as we moved through postures (Asanas) in a yoga class led by Shakti Mhi I was positioned perfectly near an open window in the new studio at Prana Yoga College and was treated to the sounds of seagulls and a breeze fresh and invigorating. I actually was set up a little ways in from the window but then one of the students didn’t enjoy the breeze, so I traded her spots, it was perfect.

I have been to many classes since my yoga journey began in February of this year (2011) but today felt different. Maybe it was for the reasons that now I’m beginning my practice on a whole new level... or maybe it is because I’m now a part of a collective of like-minded individuals all sharing a common thread of health and healing. It was different, it was new, it was fresh... and that’s not just from the coolness that flowed over my body as I lay in Child’s Pose.

Feeling supported and greatly appreciated by the instructor and other student’s/teachers was so empowering and this vibration is something that I wish to share in my practice moving forward as well. There is yet, so much to be learned, but I’m up to it and also for the first time in a long time (since learning my Reiki Mastership) I did not have any thoughts through the day of anything outside of learning what I was there to learn. Many times we think about things we are going to be doing later or have to get done, but this time I’m allowing myself to sink into the moment as completely and wholly as I can. The hours move by quickly, but with such wonderful intensity and grace. Today, I was (and still am) in great gratitude for those that inspired me to become a teacher and to those that stand beside me in Tadasana (Mountain Pose)... mat to mat.

Here’s to the sounds of gulls, breezes filled with hope and desires powerfully manifested.

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