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Drugs or no drugs

I have been an advocate for a long time now regarding natural healthcare practices… and don’t get me wrong, I still am. I tout how we should/need to listen to our bodies as they are our best guides when it comes to how we are responding to the world around us. Recently I befriended a head cold and was taken aback by the pain and aching that can happen when my body is in sever healing. Those words don’t really go together usually “sever” and “healing”, do they. But it was true, I did eventually make it to the store and purchase some Aspirin … and even that made my body ache even more.

Inundated with the options of pain medications, my nervous system went into overload as I tried to chose between super strength, regular strength, coated, uncoated, fever reducing, caffeine induced, 24hr, 8hr, 4hr… And the list is endless… just like my run-on sentences. In the end, I chose one and ran to the nearest cashier, paid and immediately popped open the bottle to just get the stuff inside of me.

Okay… so it wasn’t quite SO dramatic, but in my head it sure felt like it. I am a natural healing practitioner and I WASN’T listening to my body and that is where this whole thing started. I usually am very good at following what my body says and have become very aware at how my body whispers sometimes and screams at others. Through it all… I did end up only taking the drugs for a couple of sets that evening and then using Reiki the rest of the time to manage the pain. Pain-killers are instant and they “dull” the nerve endings that we sense the pain in… while Reiki or energy healing actually roots to the cause and works far deeper than drugs ever will. But in the moments of lessened pain, I was able to give greater concentration on my healing and thus… the ball began to roll even further.

Drugs or no drugs. Natural vs. synthetic. We all get to make choices and I for one, over this past bout of a head-cold am glad that I had a choice to choose from. I also went a little deeper to realize that I have been extending myself way beyond my mean (health-wise) and in those moments my body said, “hey… take it easy man… chill out and be in the moment.” We make situations far more critical than they actually need to be and then our nervous systems respond. So next time I am faced with a bit of a sinus ache… time to meditate and go within. Check in with connection (Universal connection to Source Energy) and really see what the root is… not just the skimming of the surface that we tend to do day by day.

…listen and love.

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