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Eviction notice

Not really words that inspire calmness and ease in one’s life. Nor do they invite a sense of security and stability. But when faced with these daunting words a short time ago, I had to take a moment... and do less. I needed to sit with what was shifting for me, feel it, invite it in... and then notice the expansion of possibilities in their revealing themselves to me.

2014, was of growing and establishing of roots. 2015 has been a year of expansion. And as this year draws to a close, I am reminded of that word that I intuitively felt a short 12 months ago. When there is expansion, there is an invitation for a whole lot of things to make way for development to occur. Through the events of growing The Do Less Project into new studios and corporate venues - to the romantic meeting of a special person in my life - to letting go of teaching yoga on weekends - to now making a move into a new space... leaving my established and comfortable “tree-house” home of three years on Cambie Street - to then to pack-up and move in a few days into a new space downtown. The new home, fondly referred to as The Sky Palace, expansion has been happening in my life on a VERY grand scale.

Feeling this broadening of life and it’s events, it hasn’t been all effortless and bliss-filled. Tiredness, uncertainty, planning and strategizing the next steps. But through everything that has happened, there have been moments of incredible discovery and clarity that have illuminated my world in flashes of brilliance. Firstly, friends... Friends have been a steady connection, both new and established, whom came to my side to offer a hand in these widening and expansive events. Sharing with me that the Universe is filled with beauty, grace and love from those that we are surrounded by. Secondly, moments of do less... Discovering that we may not necessarily be able to STOP what we’re doing, but in the midst of busy and filled days, we CAN create moments to observe - breathe - notice - meditate and recharge our batteries for the next stage of the “doing” cycle. And thirdly, love... Love can move mountains and illuminate darkened pathways. In moments when I felt discouraged and in pain, the love of my partner sparkled brightly and bolstered my courage to keep moving forward and upward.

Expansion with conscious awareness and being grateful for the things that help make the challenging things a little less daunting. Becoming more aware of the do less moments, large and small... really do create a positive change in the world around us. Taking the time to take a break without the need to fill it with what we think we can fit into it. Really noticing the remarkable gifts we have been given can make room for expansion to occur effortlessly. I am constantly reminded about this and offering gratitude for the events that have shaped my life... from the people to the experiences... even if it comes in the form of an Eviction Notice. Moments to notice, breathe it in and then make room for the next flow of energy to take shape. Remembering that everything happens for reasons that, sometimes we may not see instantly, but knowing that when we take stock of what we have, the abundance of what we need is always available to us.

Thank you to so many beautiful people in my life. Sharing the expansion that 2015 has offered and the illumination of what we are shifting into for 2016.

...moving into the Sky Palace of your manifesting.

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