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Just play can be that simple

Waiting for what we want or accepting what we need? That’s a good question isn’t it. We tend, as humans, to measure everything that happens on our lives by the things that we do or don’t do… things we get and things we don’t get.

How often have you prayed and prayed for something, wishing and hoping that it would happen just in time?! How often have you made promises to the almighty creator (of your choice) of heaven, earth and everything in between that if you got what you wanted, that you would be so grateful and give your right arm and maybe left big toe upon it’s completion?! Then when it didn’t happen, how disappointed you were and how you then swore that you’d never believe in the creator (of your choice) again?

Yeah, “wants and desires” based on conditions rarely come out to a comfortable conclusion when we put so much riding on them. What if we just let the outcome come as it may? Hmmm… interesting thought. Okay, so you don’t attach to the outcome. You say, “I desire for this to happen if it is for my highest good.” Maybe you say (or feel), “I would be so grateful to have this in my life if it is meant to happen and be brought about in a beautiful, positive, joyful and effortless outcome.” The Universe doesn’t know English… nor Spanish, nor French or Portuguese, Russian or any other

international flavour of dialect. The Universe knows feelings. You attract what is most desired (what you need… rather than want) by sending out a feeling of what it would be like to have that occurrence happen if you had something in your life. Your “higher-self”, not your ego, gets to set the feelings on this one now.

Try it out… start simple. You don’t have to wish for world peace or a million dollars (although… those are pretty spectacular wishes and desires … and may just happen), but try by just simply starting with feeling out it would feel to have the next best parking spot closest to your favourite store and seeing what happens. That’s the key… play with it. Don’t think that your life will end if it doesn’t happen. Play. Life is about the playing and the simple things are the best moments of play-time you could ever wish for. Then play for more… and more and more… You’re not greedy when you want more joy or positivity in your life. It’s all about the play-time remember, not the “items” you play with. You CAN have as much fun playing with a spoon as you can with an XBox 360.

And for those that don’t believe me… don’t knock it till you try it. Be creative.

…a spoon can be a world unto itself when you let your imagination run.

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