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My wish-list for a life-partner... why not!

This season I was pondering the aspect of bringing someone into my life. Though I have often times made this list in my head, friends were offering me advice to put it down onto paper. One step further… why not blog it!

Why not put it out there so I can say… it’s out there. The person, or partner, I am open to receiving into my life [now] shows me the path and openness and willingness to welcome me into their life as a beautiful being effortless. What I desire is...

  • someone who loves unconditionally

  • someone who sees me as a whole and spiritual being on a great journey

  • someone who enjoys snuggling and holding hands

  • someone who can massage and caress without time limits

  • someone with a light shining shining in their eyes

  • someone as tall as I am, with similar body dimensions so we might share clothes together

  • someone who is flexible with time, but devoted to following through with plans to proceed together with best intentions and abilities of each other

  • someone interested in building a long-term-relationship but knowing that there may be times where paths might need to diverge

  • someone who is seeking to expand their own awareness of life and consciousness

  • someone who sees past hard-ships and drama

  • someone who enjoys laughing and humour without disrespecting other beings

  • someone who reads in bed

  • someone who is sexy, strong, bright, compassionate, caring, loving, growing, humble, powerful, thoughtful, desiring, creative, easy-going, open to possibilities and opportunities, abundant, smart

  • someone who has warm/soft hands, versatile in sex

  • someone who enjoys exploring the world and new experiences with an open mind

  • someone who enjoys yoga and meditation not based on what the masses are practicing

  • someone with a warm and loving smile and charisma

  • someone who is comfortable in their own skin and celebrates their perfectly formed shape and attributes

  • someone who enjoys working and playing

  • someone who expands my ways of thinking and believing without judgement or ridicule

  • someone who is clean, simple in order, yet can let the dust settle for a while if other more important things are needing to happen first

  • someone who enjoys food and cooking and slowing down to eat and enjoy the results

  • and me being open to loving and sharing all of these attributes with joy and gratitude and effortlessness towards someone willing to share their life.

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