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Opening Space

Looking for space… It’s not hard to find. It’s not that elusive. It really is right index our noses and we don’t even know it. Closing your eyes…look, there’s space!

We have a hard time thinking it’s as easy as that, but in fact. It truly is. We think we need to be in a temple or a yoga studio or even a mountain top. We seek outside acknowledgement that space exists so vehemently sometimes that we fill our space up with worry and doubt before we even know that we’re moving in.

But taking a moment wherever you are to just close our eyes and just breath (pulling over and coming to a complete stop if you’re operating heavy equipment first). Space is right there… inside of you to discover. No batteries or yoga mat needed. Although, yoga and nice soothing whale sounds CAN be an avenue to discover deeper space, they should not be depended on for finding space/solitude when you need it.

Excuses be gone. Let the place you’re at be your own temple of contemplation…not the nearest spiritual rest stop. You may need/desire to find solace before you can reach the pit-stop 2 miles down the road. And by then you might have already had your nervous breakdown.


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