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The IMPOSSIBLE to I’m possible

Life throws you a sack of lemons. - Get out a juicer and get juicing baby!

Actually, home-made lemon juice* has become a staple drink in our home over the past few months while we’ve been moving at a very hyper-hectic pace. Feeling like life has turned up the speed-dial on the treadmill, the basics of life seem to be the most do less way of grounding and feeling like we can manage the fast-paced schedule that evolved around my partner and I.

I have had a profound learning in these few months of “doing more”. Learning that we can’t stop a freight train, but we can slow it down once in a while. Or, place it on auto-pilot and let it coast the tracks while we have a sip of lemon juice and take in the unfold scenery.

Analogies are fun to play with aren’t they. And using them to create an image of movement and feeling is what we humans do best. Here we have the freight train being what ever it is in life, a relationship, a career, an illness or big event, our schooling and even the life passing of dear ones in our lives. We can’t just stop the ride when if feels impossible and get off and onto another train... this is our train, our life journey, and we get to be the train conductor on this train of your life and your ‘possibilities’. We also get to choose when we need to apply the breaks for a bit, or put on the auto-pilot and coast for a while and observe the oncoming and unlimited possibilities when we say to ourselves, “I’m Possible”.

Time for a little lemon juice. Besides the many benefits* (literally) of lemon juice, I’ve been actually taking the time to buy the lemons, roll the lemons, cut them up and squeeze out the juice in its preparation. Then adding in a little honey, cinnamon and vanilla powder... and voila... a tasty and healthy drink to share, sit and take a moment to regroup, meditate, take in the scenery. It takes a bit of time, but this is the time that is needed to pause and take notice. Also the addition of slow yoga (Restorative/Yin/Tensegrity) and meditation - moments to “auto-pilot” life and do less in order to reset, re-ground, re-group to let the next segment of our travels expand before us in an abundance of possibilities.

The next time your train, your life, feels like it’s feeling impossible, what would it feel like to even just slow it a bit, breathe, pause momentarily let yourself know I’M POSSIBLE. You’ve only got one mind, one body, one journey in this lifetime... and without your health, it’s a very bumpy journey. So mix-up and take time to sip on life, let the possibilities come along to you while you keep on rolling along.

All aboard!

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