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In gratitude

Smiles, breathing, eating, tasting, sounds, sensations, memories, beautiful vistas... being warm. These are just a few things that I am honing in on what I am grateful for today. But not just today, I try to wake-up every day and offer a little meditation of gratitude to set the day on a wave of optimism and excitement. Why just settle on one day or one weekend a year, Thanksgiving, to be thankful.

I have found that on the days that I don’t offer a meditation of thankfulness, my day seems a bit off. But then I remember to still be in gratitude as much as I can every moment I remember or think about something happening in my life. Even the sad or upsetting moments too, make their way into my appreciative moments of thought. Yes, without these experiences of challenge, I wouldn’t be able to see or maybe not notice the really exceptional happenings. If everything was peachy-keen all of the time, there would feel like an imbalance.

One of my friends shared a note about rainy days, siting that if all the days were sunny and hot, we would be a desert. The rain promotes a growth and refreshment of the things that sustain us. And even offers a time to be recluse and rejuvenate into dryer, warmer homes and share close moments with ourselves or others. So into every moment too, a little rain might fall... but yet to spring forth a renewed freshness and vitality of expansion and opening up to new things.

So on this very special weekend in Canada, sharing all of those things that help make us appreciate life just a little bit more. The ups and downs, the joy and the sadness, the life and the death that makes us who we are... human beings, being.

In love and gratitude...

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